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Hey guys, it's me again. A week since my last update, I would love if I could update once a week, though I'm not sure if that's possible due to how busy I normally am. However, this week I have some new screens. I have edited palettes, changed some primary tiles, added Pokémon OW's to maps and done some new maps, and that is what you'll see this week. Along with a sneak peak at a little event that happens in the game. Anyway, onto your comments!

Originally Posted by aSeRo141414 View Post
I wonder who created your sprites, because they are awesome!!!! and the floatzel evo is so cool! I will support you 100%
Well the new OW's were made my Logeidan, my primary spriter. Thanks a bunch for supporting us! Means a lot.

Originally Posted by Mirby View Post

Hmm... wonder what Pokémon I'd have...

RAYQUAZA!! *shot*
NO! Haha, really though, if you have a suggestion, PM me and I'll put you in, hopefully once my battle system is done, I can take a screen for you.

Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
now I know the first one was done in an anime-like style, but the VS mugshot makes emma look about 9 while the art makes her look 14-17-ish.
I mean I know its not easy to make her look exactly like she is in the art via a VS. Sprite, just some cc.
anyhow, to be blunt, the rest of the update is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks for that, she's been edited/worked on at the moment. And thanks, I hope you like this week's new screens!

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
I might edit that up, i'm tempted to, a bit but I don't think it's really important right now.
Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
some great updates there nice work, i like your mapping style keep it up :)
Thank you, I try to keep the maps playable yet attractive.

Originally Posted by Syrex View Post
Look amazing, Abnegation!

keep up the AMAZING work.
Thanks, I hope to ;]

Originally Posted by RulerArceus View Post
Emma's Mugshot is strangely familiar to Iris, Doesn't It?Also, Hydrozel has a nice "I'm gonna kill you/rob your house" look his evolutions are meant to have.
Phoenix Rising?They're Phoenix's? Just Over sized Birds to me...
But still,I shall Support.
Crazy Fanboy,
~Ruler Arceus
Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
Um...I think there MIGHT have been some cc in there, the part about Emma looking like Iris.
Yup, I'm pretty sure you hit it right on the ball. Emma's an edit, but a pretty good edit.
I suggest your team fixes that up, abnegation. I mean it won't effect gameplay too much, but it will look much more professional if you have a custom VS sprite for her.
Although it already is quite professional looking :D
Well I had never done a mugshot before, so I based it off Iris, maybe somewhere down the line, I'll improve it with some extra scratching.

Originally Posted by Spirit Albarn♫ View Post
Wow, i dont usually post in this section..but this game is far to amazing to be left alone, Gavin i am absolutely astounded by the storyline and graphics, ill be around watching this thread :)
Thanks, I'm glad you like it all, I'll be showing you some more storyline somewhere down the line, I'm just not 100% on what I should and shouldn't show. So if you guys would like to see more of anything let me know, I'll try and set that up for you. Now onto the updates.


Nocturne Town [Times of day]
Obviously the text wont appear in game

Laxstream Town
The town of placid relxation.

Woodlands Passage
Far away from home we go.
This small route is the link to Maquiste Forest, just before Masquerade Town, home of the first gym leader in Pokémon Foever Lost: Holly, of bug type Pokémon. Here you will find many small Pokémon with a sprinkle of trainers eager to stop you on your way! Some call this small area, the divide between the safest parts of Hawthorne, and the most dangerous. Ahead there are large forests, winding mountains, rough caves, snow storms, deserts, lakes, cities built in the middle of the ocean, strong Pokémon and most of all; adventure. Are you ready to unfold the mysteries?

Abnegation Pass
A sanctuary trapped in the past
The story of this route, relates to the history of the region. At the time of war, a man plead for peace across the land, to establish an agreement between the two sides; that of the king, and the districts. He made his protest with an Espeon, and an Umbreon, saying that his Pokémon, though they are opposites, they coexist. Meaning that humans should learn to do the same.

The man watched the war begin, and seen it end. His efforts to strike peace led him to become a patriarch for peace across the land, and did so until his death. He is now commemorated in "Abnegation Pass", the route bears its name from the man's deed. He denied the doctrine of war, and so, the forest is now home to him. It is a peaceful, and mystical part of the region. Home to some very very powerful Pokémon, yet, they watch trainers, and only do they appear to those who truly, have potential.

Mewtwo Event

Now Hiring!

So I've decided to actually put up a list of people we need, and they go as follows:

Scripter: Looking for someone who knows RGSS quite well and is capable of making custom scripts such as new windows. As well as someone adapting scripts to work in the game.

Spriter: Mainly looking for OW and Trainer spriters, however, if you are an experienced spriter as it is, you may apply also.

Mapper: Looking for just one very good mapper, it's not a necessity but it would most certainly take some work off my head. But I'm looking for someone who is quite talented when it comes to mapping

And there we have it, if you're interested in joining the team, PM myself with some proof of work. Hope you liked the update. Keep supporting us!

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