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    You would have a Kangaroo right? Platypus? Koala?

    Originally Posted by PiPVoda View Post
    Come to think of it, Australia would make a perfect setting for a region. I'd be surprised if it hadn't already come up to GF yet.

    Anyways, I think we'd have a lot more ground, fire, and rock type pokemon in the interior of the continent. The Great Barrier Reef would be filled with water pokemon of all looks and abilities. Where exactly does it snow in Australia? Because we could have some ice types too :D

    Australia could have been Isshu. I mean you've got the sort of natural vs. industralization thing going on. Aborigines (natural) and industrialization brought by immigrants and the settlers from England.
    I'm pretty sure it doesn't snow anywhere... Maybe in Melbourne on a cold day, I believe there is a snow center in Canberra though, they recreate snow there, and theres a big ramp thing with snow on it..
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