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    OK, time for an update! I'm gonna try to give my Pokemon personalities.

    Picked to play as a girl
    Heard the introductory speech
    Named myself TriPKMNgl (short for Tri Pokemon girl)
    Got a Pokegear!
    Picked Totodile as my starter Pokemon, it seems eager to show off to me
    Nicknamed Totodile Crocigator
    Got a Potion
    Entered Cherrygrove
    Crocigator learned Rage
    Got a Map Card
    Met Mr. Pokemon
    Got the Mystery Egg
    Met Prof. Oak
    Got a Pokedex
    Got a Berry
    Beat ???
    Named ??? Big Luz (Short for big loser)
    Gave Prof. Elm the Mystery Egg
    Got 5 Pokeballs
    Refused to learn how to catch Pokemon (I've learnt enough times, thank you)
    Entered Violet City
    Crocigator learned Water Gun, it likes to show off it's new move
    Caught Growlithe, it seems it wants to be the only one to recieve my affection
    Nicknamed Growlithe Blaze Dawg
    Blaze Dawg learned Ember, it seems to think that I'll give it more affection now
    Beat Sage Li
    Got HM05 Flash

    VS Falkner!
    VS Pidgey:
    Blaze Dawg used Ember, Pidgey used Mudslap
    Blaze Dawg used Ember, Pidgey fainted

    VS Pidgeotto:
    Blaze Dawg used Ember(burn caused),Pideotto used Gust
    Pidgeotto used Gust, Blaze Dawg used Ember(missed)
    Blaze Dawg used Ember, Pidgeotto fainted

    Got the Zephyr Badge!
    Got TM31 Mud Slap
    Got a Pokemon Egg!
    Got a Miracle Seed!
    Saved in the Pokecenter near Union Cave

    PS: Can I switch Jolteon for Magneton? I can't get a Thunderstone until late in the game, and I don't wanna use an Eevee up to then. I will nickname Magneton Magnetri(Magnet+Tri).
    Third time's the charm, right~?
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