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Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
This looks great! But could you make a change? like some part of the region snowy, or something like that? Anyway, good luck!
Erm, no thanks. Except for the area around the Ice Path (maybe), I wouldn't really want to mess with the original game's feeling.
Originally Posted by SilentWing View Post
Oh, I see. So like one island is cold and snowy, another is tropical and rainy, another is desert-like and sunny, etc... and the Pokemon found on each reflect this. Speaking of which, if there's any room in the ROM and it's easy enough to do, you could also experiment with new tilesets (like those wonderful woody ones for the rainy island, etc).

But I imagine this is well into the future.

Is it possible to change Prof Birch's phone message to something else before you receive your Pokedex? (Or the label "Always Fun" for 'MOM'?) Otherwise, seeing 0 Pokemon on a non-existent Pokedex might seem odd. Also, the 'H' in Birch is cut off -- since he's already labeled a "PKMN PROF.", maybe you can just change it to BIRCH to avoid the overflow.

But really, it's very impressive we have a phone system now. I'm mesmerized by it, haha. That was one of the main GSC features I missed the most in remakes (besides Day/Night).
I lol'd. How is it so impressive that we have a phone feature that was already present in Emerald? XD
I did already change Mom's label, that's why it says 'Always Fun'
And, well, until I crack the ASM coding for the PokéNav, Birch will be unchanged, sadly.
Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
I'm going to play through the whole beta now that I have some free time. I have high hopes for this hack! :D
I'll also keep a look out for glitches.

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