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Well this sucks, I thought I updated already but my edit post didn't get saved....????? Anyway the first part is what I had there, the second part is what I've done since then.

Quick n dirty:
  • Cleared Mt. Moon, taught Machop Mega Punch, and it learned Low Kick FTW.
  • Crushed Gary and then Nugget Road on the way to Bill's house where I got the SS ticket., Machop evolved into Machoke. Obtained a Charmander on the way.
  • Decided to get Magikarp before taking on Misty, went down to Vermilion, got a Bike Voucher and the Old Rod, caught a Magikarp at L5.
  • Went back and fought Misty, barely beat Starmie with my L28 Machoke due to X Defend and Harden stalling Machoke, got some crits with Karate Chop to earn the Cascade Badge and the Bubblebeam TM.
  • Went back down to Vermilion City and the SS Anne. Was cruising along with Machoke until a Tentacruel confused him and neglected to heal him - Ended up blacking out as I wasn't sure when I had last saved it.
  • Played more cautiously and cruised the rest of the way, the Rival was no match as he still had several Normal-type Pokemon. Got Cut and taught it to Charmander.
  • Challenged Lt. Surge, who only has one Pokemon in the version (L28 Raichu) in order to match up with the anime, which I thought was lame. Earned the Thunder Badge and the ability to use Fly out of battle (wtf? A liitle early...), as well as the Thunderbolt TM.
Team Wes:

Magikarp - L19

Machoke - L34
Karate Chop
Low Kick
Mega Punch

Pikachu - L6
Tail Whip

Charmander - L10

Okay, so here's what I've done since I got since I gat the Thunder Badge. Will go back to paragraph form on the next update, this one will be bullets again as I don't want to make too big of a post.

Ultimate Trio-Species Challenge, Yellow for Kanto.
  • So the next city was Lavender Town, which meant Rock Tunnel, which in turn meant Flash. I got to 10 Pokemon when Magikarp evolved, giving me the second member of my team! I taught it Bubblebeam right away.
  • Went through Diglett's Cave, got Flash and taught it to Pikachu.
  • Went back to Cerulean, cut the bush down and fought my way to Rock Tunnel. On the way there, taught Gyarados Body Slam, it learned Dragon Rage, and taught Dig to Machoke.
  • Eventually got to Lavender Town, fought Gary and won, then made my way over to Celadon at last. Went to the store and the rooftop and got Ice Beam as well two other TMs I eventually sold, both being useless.
  • Exposed the Rocket Hideout and cleared it out, netting myself the Sliph Scope and Giovanni's ire. Also faced off against...

    Jesse and James again.
  • Went back to Lavender Town, fought my way through Pokemon Tower, and on the top floor, faced off against...

    Jesse and James again! Their team was evolved now, but still no match.
  • On the top floor, caught a L28 Gastly named Royal.
  • Am currently fight the Channelers that I skipped on the way up, then will rescue Mr. Fuji when I'm done. Cold, I know :D.

Team Wes:

Gyarados - L36
Body Slam
Dragon Rage

Machoke - L39
Rock Slide
Low Kick
Mega Punch

Royal (Gastly) - L28
Confuse Ray
Night Shade

Charmander - L10

Pikachu - L6 (boxed)
Tail Whip

I'm gonna have to hack trade for Machamp and Gengar, as I am using an emulator...
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