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    Ok, first REAL update.


    -Grinded Floatzel up to level 38 for the gym.
    -Battled my rival outside the gym, wasn't a problem at all.
    -Beat all the trainers inside.
    -Dfeated Crasher Wake and received the Fen Badge, along with Brine.
    -Chased the Galactic Grunt to the lake and proceeded to abo****ely crush him.
    -Got the SecretPotion from Cynthia.
    -Trained a bit on the route going from Hearthome to Pastoria.
    -Cured the Psyducks and got the Old Charm.
    -Got to Celestic Town and delivered the Old Charm
    -Defeated Cyrus (Easily, but Sneasel was a pain).
    -Recieved Surf from the Elder


    "Birdz" The Staraptor @ Fist Plate (To power of Close Combat. Couldn't think of anything else.
    Hasty nature
    -Aerial Ace
    -Close Combat
    -Wing Attack

    "Turtlez" the Torterra @ Quick Claw
    Serious nature
    -Razor Leaf

    "Weaselz" the Floatzel
    Bashful nature
    -Ice Fang
    -Aqua Jet

    And some HM slaves.

    Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario
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