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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Erm, no thanks. Except for the area around the Ice Path (maybe), I wouldn't really want to mess with the original game's feeling. Ah, except perhaps he was referring to the Sevii Islands or another such "new" area?

    I lol'd. How is it so impressive that we have a phone feature that was already present in Emerald? XD What's impressive isn't that it exists, but that it exists in a Johto remake. All the Fire Red revamps aside, last I checked the phone didn't work all that well even in Crystal Shards, which also used an Emerald base.
    I did already change Mom's label, that's why it says 'Always Fun' ;) Ah...was it like that in the original? How strange! XD
    And, well, until I crack the ASM coding for the PokéNav, Birch will be unchanged, sadly. :( The problem of last-letter overflow also exists in the money display, shown above by Retribution.
    Responses in bold. (Always wanted to do that after seeing you do it!)

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