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Originally Posted by Ben. View Post
I don't get why this doesn't get more attention. It is easily in the best games of Pokecommunity. The effort that you put in clearly shows though with brilliance, that is reflects. There is games that I wont mention, that are very popular and this outshines them the graphics are beautifully crafted in such a way that they all compliment each other greatly the pallets look fantastic are they are in my opinion. Your game seems to look great as it is, making a great 3D look without even using a 3D engine such as Neo 7 Mode, or perspective. I may be worth trying out a script of some sort to see what results with be produced. The only thing that is bothering me right now with the game is that I think you need to sort out the battle-backgrounds as they lack perspective as the image being portrayed is a birds eye view almost. You need to roughly around the center of the image make a horizon and have sky and the sea. A very good example you may want to follow is the work of Kuroda-Taiki a very talented pixel artist on deviantART. She produces fantastic pieces of work, which the style would work great in game. Here are the two works she has produced; Bushy Patch & Quiet Beach.

Your mapping is 100% from the screenshot's I can see, that you can map in anyway to suit the environment of your maps, ie; Making city's like city's, caves as caves. Not alot of people and do this, and aswell as you pull it off. I'm not a great mapper, but I can see a good map. Keep with the good work.

Everything else in this game look top of the range! You should try your hardest and keep pushing everything you have got. I can tell you have buckets of talent and somewhere along the line you will be rewarded, as the attention you are receiving right now, doesn't not reflect on the game. I will try and help advertise this as you have a great game here, I will make some sort of userbar and have it up the the next few days.

I wish you the absolute best of Good luck with your project, and Well done.
Wow, ben. Thanks, that means a lot. Although, that's incognito's mapping so he gets all the credit. :P

Originally Posted by pokemonseablueversion View Post
I love it! Where can i download this? just pm me after finishing it :))
Thanks, but there won't be a download for a long time.

Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
I totally agree the mapping and tiling is amazing!!! and im sure the sprites and scripting will be just as good as we get to see more of this game!!!

Wait a few weeks and this game will be #1 most popular fan game!
Thanks, Prodigy. n_n

I have a really small "update" for everyone.
I want to know what you think on this new overworld. The base was made by Minorthreat.
You can also see that I changed the pond tiles, and changed up all the palettes.

EDIT: Also, ignore the resolution. I was just fooling around.