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    I must admit, this was an interesting filler.

    Mamie and Glameow, which Meowth is infatuated with the latter.

    Wow, a cage in a bridge. Nice. And the Bullet Seed/Aqua Jet distraction.

    Hold on, since when did Fury Swipes become a powerful move? The Fury Swipes of Love? That would make a great Contest style, but hey, we're behind that...I guess love does make Pokemon stronger...

    But the irony when Glameow evolves into Purugly. And all the random things start crashing...that was the funniest moment.

    "And now for leading my dear Pokemon on, Meowth meets justice! Purugly, use Hyper Beam!"

    I do hope that Mamie gets her badge from Crasher Wake of Pastoria, but I hope she doesn't depend on Hyper Beam too much.

    Looking forward to the Sunyshore Gym battle!


    Oh, and it's a "Hunka Hunka Burning Fury Swipes of Love!" LOL!

    "Carnivine! Put out that fire!"
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