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Originally Posted by Fever View Post
I haven't read through everything so I can't be too sure whether someone has pointed this out or not but in actuality, New Zealand is considered a state of Australia, according to the Australian constitution. Always has been.

On another note though, it is a pretty cool concept. I like it alot.
Routes would be insanely long.
Starting in Hobart would be good, nobody ever likes going back to their hometown in the games, so anywhere in Tassie would be good to start
You could also use a S.S Anne style idea to get from your hometown to the mainland. As in, you get a boat ticket instead of running shoes early in the game and then get the shoes later on sometime.
New Zealand is absolutely not a state of Australia! It is its own country.
Anyway if you want to make the game, I am in. I can do spriting and the plot, but I am no good with all the technical stuff!
PM me if you want to talk about it!