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    Originally Posted by Quilava's Master View Post
    For some odd reason he moved around a lot of pokemon to make room for the fakes and what not. The rom is jumbled mess when viewed with a sprite editior. I'm just curious as to why you'd remove weedle. And replace it with something then to remove clamperl and replace it with weedle. Wouldn't it have been more logical to replace clamperl and its line with whatever you replaced weedle with? That just seems odd to me.
    Weedle was not moved to make room for fakes: Weedle was moved so as to appear in the Hoenn Pokédex, back when I still cared whether or not they did so. The fakemon that took over Weedle's old line appeared later on. I got rid of Clamperl for Weedle because I prefer Beedrill to Gorebyss or Huntail, to be perfectly honest. Now, I no longer move Pokémon into the Hoenn dex if I want them to be in Snakewood. I just put them in there and hang the consequences.

    As for the ROM being a jumbled mess... Yes. Yes it is. I only got the hang of inserting sprites when I was halfway through, so anything done before that point is, as you say, a jumbled mess. You are looking at a sharp learning curve, immortalised in clumps of random sprite data.

    And as for seeming odd, well, I have that effect on a lot of people. The logic I was given at birth seems slightly skewed in comparison to everyone else's.

    EDIT: I will be adding Pokémon mini-icons at some point. It's just that, like the player overworlds, they don't strike me as the most important parts of the hack, and so will inevitably get left until last.

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