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    Team name:

    Team Leader:

    Current members:
    None belong to PC, minus myself.

    Game Title:
    Since this is a privately developed game, the name is undisclosed until release.

    Game Progress:
    Maps 50% Script editing 50% (I can't speak for story because it isn't my job.)

    EST if you want to contact me. But others are different. Timezone doesn' matter for your application.

    Open positions:
    Fakemon Spriter.

    Prefered Method of Contact:
    My Windows Live Messenger account ([email protected]) or my email ([email protected]) I will rarely check my PM's here, so it is probably best not to send a PM.

    Position requirements:
    When you apply, link me, or send me a fakemon or a redrawn Pokemon you've made before. It doesn't have to be all the views needed for the game, just one view will do, just to make sure you actually do what you say you can.
    You also need to be willing to install Dropbox. (I would link you, but the forum won't allow me yet. A quick google search will bring it right up.) It's free and safe, no worries. This is what our team uses to share subversion and dev files.

    Additional info:
    Poccil's Pokemon Essentials is the base.
    Because this is game is primarily independent of PokeCommunity, not much information is going to come out until release, which will include a release thread here. But it does have an aspect different from most fan games.
    For the most part, you, the spriter, will have a very open task. Names for all of the Pokemon will be provided, and some will include some general notes on them, like the starters, legendary etc. But for the most part, your mind can run wild. Also because of the nature of this project, there will be some interesting and fun differences between these Pokemon and Pokemon in other games. After you are apart of the team, I'll fill you in on all the details.
    You'll also have access to the subversions of this game..