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    Vileplume Sprite Discussion:

    - Looks very flat since the flower seems overhead but Vileplume is looking straight in front of it. The flower also looks a lot skinnier than it should be. It's arms seem a bit too skinny and long, but the feet seem correct. Ad for a limited palette to work with, Vileplume's colors are grear, especially it's flower. The expression on it's face seems a little odd, with the huge smile.


    - Pretty good for a sprite from the early games. The arms are a lot better than R/B, but now the feet seem a little too big. The position and size of the flower is also fixed so it fits on top of it's head and doesn't look incorrect. The limited palette also works great as the red still manages to keep Vileplume looking good, even though Vileplume is meant to be blue. The expression also looks a lot more normal.


    - ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS. The only thing that this sprite has is it's color palette, but note that the R/B has the exact same colors. Not only are the arms annd legs way bigger than normal, the flower looks like it just got nibbled on, with all the petals in different shapes, plus it's once again in a very bad position on it's head, looking like it's in front of it's head rather than on top. It's smiles is too curved. Overall horrible.


    - With a bigger palette to work with, Vileplume's colors are a major improvement. They used the two main colors, red and blue. The colors manage to compliment each other. The position of it seems like it's surfing, which looks very odd. The arms and legs are both correctly sized, though the position of the legs seem a little over spaced. The flower seems in correct position since it's leaning on it's side.


    - Same colors as G/C. The size of the arms and legs are also the same, only the legs are in better positioning. The fact that Vileplume is holding the flower on it's head is actually a plus since this backs up the fact that the flower is actually big and had hold to up, taken from it's R/B Pokedex. The exprression on it's head seems a little odd since the mouth is smaller than normal, in an oval-like shape.


    - Now we finally move into the sprites with an unlimited palette. Sadly, the colors seems a little brighter than normal. The arms, legs and flower do look a lot more normal with them both in perfect sizing, thought the flower would look a lot better if it wasn't leaning so much in front. It also compliments Vileplume holding it's head flower like the Silver sprite since the Pokedex states the flower's heavy. And the fact that it's holding up one of it's feet adds more personality to it. It's expression is also normal looking.


    - Now with better colors, here's my favorite sprite for Vileplume. The colors are now darker and more natural for Vileplume. The flower actually looks great since it's a lot more on top of it's head instead of leaning. Though it is't holding the flower, you can just tell by looking at it that it's pretty heavy. The shading underneath the flower looks very realistic too. Overall great sprite.


    - A very disappointing sprite. It seems like the sprite is trying to display how heavy the flower on it's head is, but it only makes it look foolish. The one plus though is that we get a better view of it's head flower. The sad expression is very unnormal for Vileplume as all of the other sprites show it with a smile. The arms and legs are in good size, but the legs look a little over spaced. And it's left arms a little smaller than it's right arm. The colors are very similar to FR/LG, only a little bit lighter, which I can work with.


    - Better than D/P/Pt, but still somewhat bad. They seem to keep the same colors as before, but they do horrible with it's lighting. It looks like it's wearing a sweater. It also seems to be standing on it's toes if you compare it to it's other sprites. Besides that, there isn't much other differences between it and D/P/Pt. Overall normal looking.


    - With darker colors once again, this has to be my second favorite sprite. Though it still has the "sweater lighting", they make it up with the colors for it's head flower. The flower seems very vibrant and realistic to the eye. It really compliments Vileplume's total sprite. And they have the shading underneath it perfect to look like it's providing shade for it's upper face. The arms and legs are good sized, though once again, it's left arm seems smaller than it's right. Overall, best flower design yet.
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