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Originally Posted by Hiroshi Sotomura View Post

Needless to say, Dento and Iris didn't see him in a good light from that. XD
I loved Iris' expression xD She was like WTF OMG O_O" xD

Originally Posted by Hiiro View Post

I like the fact Tsutaja has Attract. Here's hoping this leads to a new battling style for Ash, since he's more of the offensive trainer.
I dunno... I think Satoshi's style won't change... And he might not even be using Attract...

Originally Posted by Hiiro View Post

Props for Mamepeto actually earning some light though!
Was about time =D But to tell the truth she looked more like wild Pokemon until Satoshi used it in battle =)

Originally Posted by Tachibana Azumi View Post
Since Giovanni mentioned "a secret organization is taking action".
Much swooning aside over the implications of this, I really am interested as to how Team Plasma would be like in the anime.
I hope so too =) And N too =D I'm excited to see N in anime =D
Maybe Shippou City...? So far anime is moving according to games except for Team Plasma.
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