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    Originally Posted by altariaking View Post

    Alternatively, you could go back and fix all of that stuff.
    Oho, I could, I could! Or I could treat Snakewood as the learning hack I intended it to be, and put the skills I have been acquiring to better use in making the hack I actually set out to make, Pokémon Keratin Version. Maybe I'm lazy, or maybe after however long it's been I'm simply disillusioned with zombies, but...

    Where do you get strength
    You don't. You don't need it yet. Personally, Strength is my least favourite HM: its base power lures you in with promise that it might actually be useful on a Pokémon with good Attack and poor physical learnset; but it always disappoints in the end. So, until the very end at least, there will be no Strength, not least because Strength rocks block the way to Snakewood's equivalent of the legendary golems.

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