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    Originally Posted by tkallab View Post
    I remember getting stuck in my house like everyone... And grindan forever in Viridian Forest because I couldn´t find the way through it... And finding it weird that Kakuna had arms. I also remember Pikachu being the first Pokémon I ever caught, and finding Nidoran creepy. I spent my first year playing Pokémon on the first few routes... And I never managed to reach the league.
    My memories... Sigh.
    I never had those problems, but when I was a little kid, I couldn't figure out what to do after you get your first pokemon. I was always stopped by that guy who wanted his coffee and I had no idea what I was supposed to do to move on in the game. I never had the patience to simply look around for two seconds. Also, I never knew where to go after defeating Lt. Surge. I figured it all out eventually though. I must have played pokemon blue more times than any other game I've ever had in my entire lifetime.