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    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    It really it a good hack of Ruby. Im at the part where you deal with those 9 guys who seem retarded. I just wish that room with the security system was a little easier. Ive had to save after every step I made....

    EDIT: I just now made it through there....You are an evil genius...That securtiy area pissed me off more than the first time I played Pokemon Blue and got to Lavender Town without Flash....
    Heheh. Yes, I'm quite fond of my puzzles. The Inquisition Boardroom, the Madio Caves, the S.S. Cangrejo... and there are more to come, have no fear of that.

    Also, there are 10 of them. Mikov, Bobov, Gunkov, Karkov, Robotnov, Rolv, Sputnov, Vladov, Adolv, and Asimov. Together, they are the Deadly Seven... or are they something more? Play on to find out...

    Originally Posted by NainilJShah View Post
    I know I might sound noob, but I've finished the New Mauville thing, and then somehow that Gleis guy's been taken. What do I do now? I have to go rescue him, but where do I go?

    EDIT: Does the Island of Calm have to do anything with it?
    DOUBLE-EDIT: never mind, I found out how to do it.

    Also, another problem, I can't progress in the hack. I got Gleis' Pokegear back and then I can't move in any direction. I have a screenshot of it, but I can't upload it as I don't have 15+ posts yet.

    I can't go in ANY direction- up, down, left or right. I can't even go back through the door I came in...
    This is odd. I've never encountered this problem before. I've just checked the script and can't find anything wrong with it... All I can suggest is going back to your last save point and trying again. Or perhaps your Ruby ROM is broken. I had a problem similar to this in someone else's hack (I forgot whose or which), and taking a clean ROM and applying the patch resolved the issue.

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