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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
Heheh. Yes, I'm quite fond of my puzzles. The Inquisition Boardroom, the Madio Caves, the S.S. Cangrejo... and there are more to come, have no fear of that.

Also, there are 10 of them. Mikov, Bobov, Gunkov, Karkov, Robotnov, Rolv, Sputnov, Vladov, Adolv, and Asimov. Together, they are the Deadly Seven... or are they something more? Play on to find out...
What Ive found out is: All of them are insane. But right now, Ive gotten past them and Im now stuck in Madio Cave (the cave next to the Safari Zone) and I now dub that part your most evil creation so far....

EDIT: Im way past that stuff and Im taking a short break to get my mind ready for the Elite 4.
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