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Okay, I've made some progress here on Gold.
  • Crushed TR in the Slowpoke Well
  • Challenged Bugsy and won pretty easily. Royal doesn't take much damage in there. Forgot a screenshot though.
  • Beat Kris after that with Royal again.

  • Got through Ilex Forest into Goldenrod. Taught Cut to Leaf.
  • Started grinding to evolve Magikarp (now Fangor) inot Gyrados as Gastly would be useless in a Normal gym. Fought pretty much all the trainers I could find all the way up to Sudowoodo.
  • Beat Whitney pretty easily by Cursing Miltank.
  • Went to Ecruteak Town, picking up the free Spearow for a Fly slave on the way.
  • Beat Kris again in the Burned Tower and set the Beasts roaming.
  • Defeated the Kimono Girls with Fangor and got Surf, which went to Fangor.
  • Challenged the gym, it was pretty easy. I used Royal, now a Haunter, for the most part. Cursed Gengar just before it Shadow Balled him and Fangor finished up with Bite. Again forgot a screenshot.
  • Went east to Mt. Mortar, caught a Machop named Biff of course.
  • Started making my way down to Olivine, got Strength from the sailor and taught it to Geodude, who also had been taught Rock Smash as well. Will teach Strength to Biff eventually I think.
  • Am about to start fighting my way up the Lighthouse.

Team Wes:

Biff (Machop, F) - L20 @ Soft Sand
Moves: Low Kick, Dig, Seismic Toss, Karate Chop

Royal (Haunter, M) - L29 @ Quick Claw
Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Curse

Fangor (Gyarados, F) - L28 @ None
Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Surf, Dragon Rage

Kenya (Spearow, F) - L10 @ Flower Mail
Moves: Peck, Growl, Leer

Geodude, F - L6 @ Charcoal
Moves: Tackle, defense Curl, Rock Smash, Strength

Leaf (Chikorita, M) - L12
Moves: Reflect, Cut, Razor Leaf, Flash
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