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    Originally Posted by nerevarine View Post
    Yep - but it may be a bad rom or a problem with the save (or something completely different). Unless it is vital to beat him, I think I can live without that fight

    BTW - I know that one of the catchable diseased Pokemon is Graveill, but I can't seem to find the second one...

    And I think that the pets could be made more interesting - compared to the Pup and Sparkly pony, they are somewhat boring (mostly because they're old and well known creatures )

    Oh, and did You increase the chance to find a shiny mon? I've already found two random ones (a Zigzagoon and a Sandshrew)...
    It's not vital to beat Norman. He's just a sidequest. And no, I haven't increased the shiny rate. I've never found any in Snakewood apart from the shiny Aerodactyl in the desert.
    I liked my pets, but if you have any suggestions to change them - except the Thunder Cub and the Sparkly Pony - then I'm open to them.

    The other catchable Zombiemon are Moulder and Yuck, and they will be available to catch in Senex's lair.

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    I like snakewood more and its his choice what he names it

    And I just defeated the elite four...wierd I expected to battle Landon anyway I am stuck at trying to go to sootopolis how do I solve that maze through the cave that connects fortree and lilycove
    You cannot yet go to Sootopolis; the hack doesn't go that far. I am in the middle of making that bit.

    Now, the Madio Caves are a tricky puzzle, with a great many solutions. Only one route leads from the Fortree entrance to the Lilycove entrance, but tangents will take you to a hidden area where you may encounter the Pokémon Cinderco, to several trainers, to part of Fort Draco, to a secret area in Haruko's Gym, and even to alternate universe, although I haven't finished that part yet. In answer to your question, there is no easily memorisable way to get through the caves. All I can say is that, if you end up in the long, thin tunnel that's two walkable squares wide, go down the bottommost ladder and follow the path. I think that's the one that lets you out.

    Originally Posted by Yuukihime View Post
    I am enjoying this hack immensely <3. It's definitely an awesome hack, and it was an excellent hack to play to pass Halloween.

    I'm wondering though. I'm going to rescue Gaiels (or whatever the heck his name is) and I can't find their hideout, the desert is blocked by a rock smash thingy, and I can't cross the way to fortree because of blockages. So I'm like, "where do I go?" Q_Q
    Head to the Island of Calm, that tiny island on Route 110. It's bigger than you think, and the guard should let you in now.

    IMPORTANT EDIT: New IPS up! You can now progress after the Elite Four, all the way until you warp to Pacifidlog Town! No further than that, but still... It's good.

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