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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
Wow. I've played and seen a lot of hacks, but I don't think any of them have ever been quite so visually appealing as this... It's like it's seducing my eyes. Fantastic!
Why, thank you very much. Eye seduction is the best kind of seduction :P

Originally Posted by 6ryan4 View Post
Watching that Cloud Temple video gave me these weird chills. It's so cool that this hack ties in to the Generation II story. I definitely want to see more! :D
Thanks, and don't worry, more is coming soon.

Originally Posted by =6ryan4 View Post
I only have one question, though: why is Oak the professor? I can understand Team Rocket being there because Giovanni vanished, so you're doing a continuation kind of thing, but due to the time period you set this game in, Oak was in Johto. It doesn't make much sense why he's there.
Oak isn't in the region for the entire game - He is only present at the beginning to do the rounds of his Lowen lab before returning to Kanto/ Johto. I have plans for him to return later in the story, but at this point I'm keeping my lips sealed. Thanks for bringing that up, I realise that I didn't make that clear at all :P

Minor update: I'm finishing off my exam period in two days so I can get back to working on Lilac on a regular basis pretty soon. Over the weekend I have inserted a new textbox, made the game far more de-capitalised than what it was and created a small event at the beginning which will introduce a recurring character who will be sure to push you all the way in your quest to be a Pokemon Master. Possible screenies up soon.

At this point all I can really do is polish what is on the ROM and go over a few things which I have neglected earlier on :D
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