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Well... about the latest episode:
Whoa, a clip show? Now, that's something I didn't expect.
...I mean if they want to drag it out, it's better than plain fillers, but... I don't think it was really that necessary for Aizen to show us fifteen minutes of old material just to prove a point. It worked fine in the manga with just a sentence xD
I do have to say it was a good watch; seeing it all reminded me of how great Bleach was back then. And they sure have potential to make it as good nowadays. They just... don't, IMO. I like how they seem to want to look back at everything, through the opening, ending and such though. It gives the show more depth.
But all in all, it was actually quite good. And I'm looking forward to see a little Gin, Isshin, and Urahara fighting soon enough :3