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    Yes, you read right! I am bringing back one of the most played RP ever! I forgot who made it way back when, but it's copyrighted to that person, ok it was Houndoom (no clue what username now or if he is still here XD)

    It has been *insert year here* since the close of the Violet City Pokon Academy. Police have passed off any reports there and the school has been reopened. Kids seem to flock from everywhere, including Hoenn. Here you will take courses to learn more about pokon. The buliding has many new rooms and new classes. You must report to the Grand Hall to recive your Pokon, Books, and dorm room numbers.

    EDIT: You can control up to two ppl if you can keep them active, and if I know what type of RPer you are you may use three.

    I am gonna post what 'grade' your in when I figure it out, I just know the freshman one 'cuz I am suposed to be in 9th grade, or freshman..........

    Starter Pokon: (basic stage, no legendaries)
    Pokall: (no master balls)
    Name: Anna Hunter
    Age: 15/freshman
    Gender: Female
    Looks: See girl in blue banner
    Starter Pokon: Eevee (male, Nickname: Leo)
    Pokall: Friend Ball
    Personilty: Sweet, Kind, has a weakness for any guy, and is bossy and competive.
    Hometown: Olivine City

    Note: You may join this RP at any time, just place your character info and join right in! *walks away talking under her breath* Wow... Mod powers are so good on your rps if you've changed your name..... *sees you looking and runs*
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