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Welcome to Watch out for Ghosts, the Pokemon Edition of Watch out for Zombies, which existed in Other Trivia before it was closed.

How to Play

The objective of this game is simple. Much like the thread in Other Trivia, you post the number that comes after the number that was last posted. However, there is a twist. When someone get to the number 100, they become a Ghost. A Ghost Pokemon, Ghost Trainer, I don't care (as long as it's Pokemon Related), but you're a ghost. When someone is a ghost, they have the option of counting along with the rest of us normal Pokemon/Trainers, or 'scare' us (saying zero) into starting over. When will they decide to 0? Only they know.

Current Ghosts:
Normal Ghosts: Curious., PG Tips, The Rkyeet, ~Ryukaa, starlightmint72, donavannj, Limanya, AlexOzzyCake
Permanent Ghost: None

How do I become a Ghost?

There are several ways to become a ghost.

One: Number 100
Getting Number 100 will result in you becoming a normal ghost. Simple as that, hn?
Two: Number 200
This number has a special effect. The person who get number 200 has all other Ghosts become alive again, and the one who had hit 200 in the first place is now the one and only ghost.
Three: Number 300
If someone manages to get all the way to number 300, they become a Missingno aka a Permanent Ghost. They are not affected by the number 200 rule.

400 and higher get nothing. It just means the ghosts are being extremely lazy.


Cooltrainer: 1.
Okaaay! Let's do this!

Beauty: 2.
Who will become the first Ghost hn?

Psychic: 100.
Hnn.. Seems that I have became a Gastly.

Cooltrainer: 101.
Just as Gastly? How lame.

Psychic: 0.
Find it lame now, Cooltrainer


Lame, but you get the point, right?


One: All PCs rule apply! Let's not go around breaking them.
Two: FOUR WORDS PER POST. And no. The number doesn't count unless you spell it out.
Three: You may chat in this thread. HOWEVER, everything has to be Pokemon Related, or else it's off-topic. Too many off-topic posts will result in the warning and after that it'll be an infraction, as it's against PC rules. You may speak about the Pokemon Anime, Games, I don't know. Just make sure it's Pokemon Related.
Four: Have fun!

I'll make this post prettier some day.
welcome! may i take your order today?

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