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Oh, my sprites here... '

Anyway, this is tough. Very tough. The quality of sprites from the other contenders is amazing! Honestly, I love the animations in Spherical Ice's and Mega Shocks, the design of DarkShadows... it is, like I said, very tough this week. I had to say to myself what I liked about each sprite, what the faults were etc., before I could come up with a decision. Trust me, like I said, the quality was high and there were little faults which made it harder for me to decided. XD

After thinking about it, the one I think looks very good and where I could spot little/no flaws is this one: The tile by 874521.

The contrast between the roof and the walls is great, and makes it look vey attractive. The attention to detail is also great (the ivy etc.) Just a great sprite!

Thanks for shotlisting my pixel art, btw.