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Originally Posted by ILP
When you say flashback, do you mean like a TBtP II, or a mini-flashback to show us, say, the guy's past? Which just gave me an idea- Kubo could maybe throw in a TBtP II arc if it somehow relates to the guy.

If I'm not mistaken, Mugetsu isn't what caused Ichigo to actually lose his powers. He would've lost them anyway, it was just a powerful attack that probably spread up his time limit (before his powers ACTUALLY started going away).
And I don't think your reason makes perfect sense either. Because of his new form, his reiatsu is not recognisable by his body, and so he can't use it?
I like comparing reiatsu and reiryoku to a light bulb and a battery, respectively. The light from the battery (and therefore the reiatsu) is always visible, even if the amount of light can be increased/decreased. If the lightbulb were to change into a buzzer, let's say, you could still hear the noise that is made (the reiatsu would still be there) even if it is of a different type.
Unless I'm cpmpletely misunderstanding?

That was almost exactly what I meant!
Because of all his transformations and evolutions and whatever else is happening to him, after the last fight something changed what made him lose "contact" with his reiatsu, because it changed "type". Something like that.
Though it wasn't supposed to make perfectly sense, it was a random and unlikely to happen thought.

Originally Posted by ZAM
For some reason, I don't think that's likely. But I'm very interested in seeing what Kubo does in this new arc. Next chapter should be coming out soon. Also, I don't quite think Isshin used FGT, but that hasn't been officially confirmed or denied either.

No? Engetsu and Mugetsu seem similiar. It seems likely he used it. But indeed, like you said, we don't know.