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    Gloom Sprite Discussion:
    - Not a good sprite at all. The sprite is missing an orange hair-like petal. The flower on it's head also seems a little small and flat. The limited color palette didn't help Gloom at all as the colors aren't at all part of Gloom's official colors. The worst feature on this sprite is the white lips as it makes it look like the drool is all over it's lips and not just dripping from them. The facial expression seems a little overboard. The legs seem a little small. Finally, the pollen is an unnessicary addition to the sprite.

    - Very good sprite for Gloom. Though the main problem is the red hue, the whole sprite seems accurate and precise. All body parts are in perfect size, and none are missing either. The facial expression seems completely normal for a Gloom. They didn't use any pollen effects which is a definite plus.


    - Worst sprite for Gloom. Not only is every possible feature of Gloom either too slim or small. It seems like the resized the R/Band made it taller and skinnier, most importantly it's flower, body and it's hair-like petals. They even overdid the pollen effect MORE than before. Not to mention it's horrible color scheme. Basically it's a bad sprite.

    - The colors of Gloom are very good for a limited palette. The colors go very well together and are close to that of Gloom's official colors. The lips also get an improvement, being seperate from it's actual drool. They brought back the pollen effect, which in my opinion, doesn't make the sprite better in any way. The arms and legs are in precise sizing. The only downside would be the fact that it's flower in petals look more as one body part when they should be two seperate parts. Overall, not bad for a sprite.


    - Not a very good sprite in terms of positioning. The fact that it looks like it's falling makes it look silly since Gloom's flower shouldn't even be heavy. Besides that, everything else is exactly like the Gold sprite.


    - Being Gloom's first sprite with an unlimited palette, it didn't disappoint at all. All the colors seem precise and the figure seems correct overall. The only thing I find odd about it is that Gloom's sticking up it's right foot. It's not so high that it looks like it's falling, but wierd enough for question. Nothing really special about it, which does make it somewhat dull.


    - Very excellent color palette, like it's evolution, Vileplume. The colors seem to be perfect for Gloom as all the colors seem to be darkened compared to it's previous sprite colors. We also get to see Gloom in a new pose that doesn't make it look foolish. What I like best is that Gloom's face looks somewhat three dimensional as it's in a comepletely new angle. Overall, my favorite.


    - Overall, Gloom's expression brigns out the entire sprite. The colors, position and overall size proportions are very good. The hair-like petals seem a tad bit too long. Not bad, but not good.


    - A very interesting angle of Gloom. With gloom looking up make sit seem more it's size. Everything seem about right, but also very dull like most of it's other sprites.

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