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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
You can get to the item by going into the Frigid Way from the other entrance.

And the Meat House isn't a waste of time. Bringing a certain item to the Meatfather will yield interesting results...
I was never really good with cryptic clues....@_@

As far as Frigid Way goes, there are only two entrances I know of (excluding the one near the cable car's old location), one of which, I recently found out, was the exit of Heated Path in the original Ruby. The other is the Sage's Path and when I start sliding on the ice to try and get the item, I map the place out, but there's no possible path to get the item from what I can see....And apparently, when I tried to use the Walk Thru Walls gameshark code, my VBA crashed, and right before I put the code in, I saved, but when I reloaded, I was back in Fortree City....

EDIT: What's even more interesting is the fact the Meatfather doesnt even want to see me. He keeps telling me I dont have a problem...
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