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Old November 3rd, 2010 (5:00 AM).
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This. Hack. Is. Amazing.
And about the damn part where I couldn't progress? I restarted my WHOLE game again, and I gotta say, Baltoy. Is. Completely. Useless.
The way I got through the entire game was to catch a Shroomish in Petalburg Forest, and then train it till it learns Leech Seed (Lv.10). Bingo, Leech Seed hurts everything in sight, and it saved my life on a fair few parts of the game. And I lol'd so hard at the following-

Like sprightly monkfish
We gamble away our souls.
There is no nutmeg.

All for your delight-
Though we are not here
Cinnamon is good.

Also, one question. At what level does Secretegg evolve?
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