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Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
I was never really good with cryptic clues....@_@

As far as Frigid Way goes, there are only two entrances I know of (excluding the one near the cable car's old location), one of which, I recently found out, was the exit of Heated Path in the original Ruby. The other is the Sage's Path and when I start sliding on the ice to try and get the item, I map the place out, but there's no possible path to get the item from what I can see....And apparently, when I tried to use the Walk Thru Walls gameshark code, my VBA crashed, and right before I put the code in, I saved, but when I reloaded, I was back in Fortree City....

EDIT: What's even more interesting is the fact the Meatfather doesnt even want to see me. He keeps telling me I dont have a problem...
For the Meatfather, you need to have the right item in order to have a problem.

To get in the Frigid Way from the other entrance, look for the entrance to Route 112 in the northern half of the desert.

Originally Posted by NainilJShah View Post
This. Hack. Is. Amazing.
And about the damn part where I couldn't progress? I restarted my WHOLE game again, and I gotta say, Baltoy. Is. Completely. Useless.
The way I got through the entire game was to catch a Shroomish in Petalburg Forest, and then train it till it learns Leech Seed (Lv.10). Bingo, Leech Seed hurts everything in sight, and it saved my life on a fair few parts of the game. And I lol'd so hard at the following-

Like sprightly monkfish
We gamble away our souls.
There is no nutmeg.

All for your delight-
Though we are not here
Cinnamon is good.

Also, one question. At what level does Secretegg evolve?
Secretegg evolves at Level 43. And all the starters are meant to be useless.

And all of Asimov's haiku have something to do with spices. Mostly. I love them too.

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