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    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    For attachment 1, that's what I assume you meant as 'entrance to Route 112 in the northern part of the desert'. The reason I cant pass is shown in attachment 2. Also, I dont know if I was supposed to or not, but I did manage to return to Fort Draco as well as go to Sootopolis City. Lastly, what's the deal with the 'sea monster' at the bottom of the waterfall of Ever Grande City?
    You're not meant to go back.

    Can you actually Fly to Fort Draco? On my ROM I can't, and I was assuming that no one else could, but..

    Look, I forgot that you can Surf to Sootopolis. I'll put up a new IPS that lets you go to Pacifidlog, but blocks off the sea routes.

    And the sea monster... Well, I can't Fly to the Pokécentre at Ever Grande and I assumed that no one else could either, so the monster returns you to the Pokécentre if you accidentally go down the waterfall.

    EDIT: Also, I just solved that ice maze to get to that item. Believe me, it's doable.

    EDIT #2: Why would you try to go to Sootopolis City when clearly I have not yet made it?

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