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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    You're not meant to go back.

    Can you actually Fly to Fort Draco? On my ROM I can't, and I was assuming that no one else could, but..

    Look, I forgot that you can Surf to Sootopolis. I'll put up a new IPS that lets you go to Pacifidlog, but blocks off the sea routes.

    And the sea monster... Well, I can't Fly to the Pokécentre at Ever Grande and I assumed that no one else could either, so the monster returns you to the Pokécentre if you accidentally go down the waterfall.

    EDIT: Also, I just solved that ice maze to get to that item. Believe me, it's doable.

    EDIT #2: Why would you try to go to Sootopolis City when clearly I have not yet made it?
    Fort Draco: How I got there is kinda funny. I went through the Lilycove Sewers again out of boredom and flipped the switch at the end, and I wound up at the house where Glies, or whatever his name is, sends me to Necropolis, but that time, no one was there. I surfed around and went as far north as I could, and I would up landing on a path that took me to the Tower where Hun flew me back to Fort Draco.

    Sootopolis: I was just bored of roaming around and decided to see what I could and couldnt do, and outlined on my method of going to Fort Draco, I just went west a little and used Dive.

    Sea Monster: Somehow, when I use the Dive method to try and go into the cave where Groudon would be in the original Ruby, when I surface, Im at the top of the waterfall to Ever Grande.

    Ice Maze: That one is still wrecking my brain as to how to do it....EDIT: I still dont see any way to get to the Frigid Path item. With the current rock placements, you cant get into the proper position to go to the item...
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