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Update numero dos.


-Rescued Peeko from Team Magma and got the Devon Goods back.
-Got my PokeNav from the President of Deven and received Steven's letter to deliver.
-Met Mr.Brinney at his cottage and sailed to Dewford Town
-Grinded a bit in Granite Cave
-Defeated Brawly easily with Intellect, my Ralts
-Delivered the letter to Steven.
-Sailed to Slateport City
-Defeated the Magma grunts int he museum and delivered the Devon Goods to that guy (What's his name? lawl).
-Grinded on the route to the north of Slateport, evolving Intellect into a Kirlia.
-Beat the Trick House, evolving Speed the Taillow into a Swellow.


"Speed" the Swellow @ Silk Scarf
Level 22
-Wing Attack
-Focus Energy
-Quick Attack

"Intellect" the Kirlia
Level 21
-Double Team
-Calm Mind

"Strength" the Marshtomp
Level 21
-Mud Shot
-Water Gun

I'm about to beat May, but I'll include that on my next update.

Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario
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