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    *quietly creeps in* it's been over 2 years...
    It's sad that there are no comics anymore....

    This is the part where I should say... "Yeeaaaah!!! Come on Matt Silver, Decep! LET'S BRING BACK LIFE INTO THIS PART OF THE FORUM!!! HUURRAAAGH!" but sadly all my wonderful third generation sprites were lost when my old hard drive crashed.... (MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP EVERYTHING!)

    And it seems that tiny pic deleted all my previous installments of Pokemon Destiny of Darkness.... So... someone .... light a fire beneath me... Should I work on a comic using these 'new' 4th generation sprites...?

    Favorite Sprite Comics
    1. Pokemon FR/FG Continued
    2. Pokemon Instincts (all of it)
    3. Pokemon Odyssey
    4.Pokemon KD (Kanto Dimension)
    5. Pokemon Darkness Wars
    6.Pokemon Exterminators
    7.Pokemon Travellers