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    I've been playing through this. It's been keeping my attention very well. I am to the 6th gym.

    Pardon me if people have already addressed these issues.

    Couple of questions/comments:
    -Will the Pokedex maps be fixed? (When you bring up the Pokedex to check the location of Pokemon, it shows the old RBY {or FR/LG} map)
    -The location of certain parts on the map are awkward (for example, Castro Forest is located where Viridian Forest is, warps aside...meaning if you pull up the map to Fly, you're right next to Hayward)
    -I'm pretty sure I saw someone addressed this, but the Water Stone girl in the beginning keeps giving you Water Stones if you refresh the map
    -Perhaps you've implemented this...I haven't tested this, but do the trade pokemon (Alak, Geng, Mach, Gole, etc.) evolve by level or some means other than trading?

    -Where can Paras and/or Parasect be found? I'd like to utilize the Move Relearner, but can't seem to find any of these buggers.

    P.S. If Rock Smash is in the guy's hot do I get it if I'm playing a female character...?
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