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become RED. so, these are the rules.

FIRST, have a copy of any pokemon game, though GEN V has sooo many new pokemon that it might not have too many pokemon from the original 150, so it would be hard -- though if you have a hacking machine, that's fine.

-fill your pokedex with THE ORIGINAL 150 - as much as your game allows -- EVENT POKEMON NOT INCLUDED (this is an optional rule -- but I'm doing it anyways)

-when your party (and pokedex if you want) get to these specifications, you can go ahead and declare yourself finished of this challenge.

-YOU CAN BEAT THE E4 WITH A LOWER LEVEL PARTY THEN GRIND AND BEAT THEM AGAIN (and again if you grind against the E4 - I know I am :D) -- IT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS TO ASK YOU TO GRIND TO LEVEL 70 - 80 RIGHT BEFORE THE E4 (but if you're crazy enough..?)

a) the pokemon you can't easily get in your game (be fair; don't be like, "but pidgeys are haaaaard to get!")
b) the final party -- but here, the pokemon cannot be hacked in over level 30. ever.
c) and event pokemon if you wanna do it all the way.

-you MUST beat the game with the following party (if you accidentally over-level, I won't kill you lol)

PIKACHU - lv 81

ESPEON - lv 73

SNORLAX - lv 75

VENUSAUR - lv 77



alternatively for espeon (for gen 1-ers)

LAPRAS - lv (80's way too high --) 73

challengers --

R/B/Y -
the : D*, 560cool.

G/S/C -

R/S/E -


D/P/Pt -


* is when the challenger did/is doing the pokedex part, too.
bold is a completed challenge.

Porygon Z* (HG)
Current Challenge

Tim the Pidgeot!
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