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    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    Fort Draco: How I got there is kinda funny. I went through the Lilycove Sewers again out of boredom and flipped the switch at the end, and I wound up at the house where Glies, or whatever his name is, sends me to Necropolis, but that time, no one was there. I surfed around and went as far north as I could, and I would up landing on a path that took me to the Tower where Hun flew me back to Fort Draco.

    Sootopolis: I was just bored of roaming around and decided to see what I could and couldnt do, and outlined on my method of going to Fort Draco, I just went west a little and used Dive.

    Sea Monster: Somehow, when I use the Dive method to try and go into the cave where Groudon would be in the original Ruby, when I surface, Im at the top of the waterfall to Ever Grande.

    Ice Maze: That one is still wrecking my brain as to how to do it....EDIT: I still dont see any way to get to the Frigid Path item. With the current rock placements, you cant get into the proper position to go to the item...
    As for the Dive warps - you're not meant to go to that area yet, which is why it doesn't work. I haven't finished the sea routes yet, nor have I finished Sootopolis - which is why none of this works or makes any sense for you.

    Also, I think I just realised which ice maze you're talking about - and yes, I think that one is indeed impossible.

    Originally Posted by Yuukihime View Post
    Alright, for the base maze. The one where your going to rescue that one guy and has to get past the security system. I've noticed if I leave to the other side of "the table" I can face the Deadly Seven again. And I got completely and utterly stuck on getting past the security system so I decided to map it. I'm probably missing something but I mapped it and the security system blocks all my movements. x_X

    I can definitely say you know how to make a maze that can be confusing, that's for sure.
    I'll put up a map of the Boardroom at some point with the correct path outlined.

    EDIT: Boardroom map up: see first post.

    Originally Posted by ymrd39 View Post
    wtf do i do after i beat da deadly seven im stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where are you? You fight the Deadly Seven several times.

    Originally Posted by anugrah6 View Post
    hi i got glies pokegear and now i am not able to exit help me and please tell me what to do
    What do you mean, not able to exit? I'm not sure what you mean.

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