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    Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
    Hey, just started playing this... I'd like to know what a good team work be? I like to work on the basis of having one Fire, one Grass, one Water, one Flying, one anti-Flying (electric, rock, ice, whatever) and one extra. What would be a cool team?

    I know I sound nooby, but trust me, I'm not. I just like to know what I'm up against.
    Baltoy is probably your best bet against anything in the game. However, you'll find out that it is completely useless once you get a Shroomish, as it hits nearly everything in the game for major damage. You won't need anything else in my opinion, but if you really want to, you can catch a Qwilfish once you get Surf early in the game.

    -MysteryEgg/SecretEgg/HyperEgg learns Eruption, so it is the thing if you want a Fire type.
    -Shroomish/Breloom is by FAR the best choice when it comes to a Grass-type. You'll probably need it to defeat the corpse in Petalburg Forest, as Leech Seed comes in useful.
    -A Water-type won't be available until you hit Qwilfish after you get Surf. You won't need it, but there you go.
    -Flying can be Aerodactyl later in the game, but if you want, again, you can get Taillow early.
    -Anti-Flying can be a Baltoy early in the game, but then you'll find it becomes useless as the game progresses.
    -An extra HAS to be a Zigzagoon/Linoone. You'll need it as a HM slave.

    My team at the moment is-
    Hyperegg Lv.50 (Trust me, this thing is damn useful to tank hits. It has 326 HP for me, and has Eruption and ShadowBall)
    Breloom Lv.48 (Awesome thing, pwns everything. MachPunch/BulkUp/ LeechSeed/(MegaDrain/GigaDrain) is my moveset, and it hurts)
    ShinyAerodactyl Lv.40
    Ditto Lv.30 (Useless thing, just there because I couldn't be bothered to replace this after solving the warp puzzle)
    Baltoy Lv.17 (See? I haven't trained this thing at all)
    Zigzagoon Lv.12 (HM Slave)\

    And Cutlerine, I have one question. Is a Moon Stone available in the game at the moment, at all?
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