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Originally Posted by Devil Flamingo View Post
O_o What are you guys talking about in relation to Adeku? I thought the episode featuring him was 12-16 or something, not 9 or 10. Did I miss something?

Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
The episode with Adeku vs. Shooti was fake.
Even though that title was confirmed to be fake, there is a possibility that there would be a battle between Adeku and Shooti. The translation of the title says, "Rival Battle: Strong Opponent Pururiru" It can be interpreted in several way, that is true. It may even be a battle between Ash and Shooti.

Why are we talking about Episode 10 in the thread for Episode 9 anyway?

Anyways, here is the Youtube link to this episode's trailer.
Look at the that, so many Pokemon trying to rescue Kibago. And where was Iris hiding that Pokemon all this time? ._.

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