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    Originally Posted by nerevarine View Post
    Heh, I'm still wandering what's the deal with them - and if the Hard Disc Solo has a function (the same for lobster magic - other than moving the char to the surface that is )
    The Hard Disc Solo does have a function - but as of yet, that function has not been implemented. I hope you fully appreciated the B-52s references there.

    And lobster magic is just a way to move the character to the surface; some bad things happened when you could exit normally. Very Bad Things.

    Originally Posted by TheRkyeet View Post
    I don't count, do I? Anyway, to all those out there who prefer Qwilfish over zigzagoon as a surfer: It's better in the long run!
    No, you don't count. Obviously. You know 85% of the game's secrets already.

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