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    uhh don't mean to be complaining or anything, but I found it a bit easy - even through beating Chris took me some time, i beat him with only a medium team
    lvl 45 Charizard, lvl 6 Sandshrew, lvl 7 pikachu, lvl 13 nidoran, lvl 20 Onamyte (however you spell it) and a lvl 25 Scizor
    I was wondering if it could be made a little bit harder XP because its a great hack and with a great storyboard, it is just a bit easy. Though I love the idea of looking through a recycling bin to find items. Love the idea of Renon Underground though and the new ideas. Though I don't know if it is only me, but when I enter and exit Cerise Forest, the rain continues to fall until i get next to the pokemon center (it is a bit picky and i don't really mind rain for a few more tiles). And, is there a map? or did I forget to get it at the start ? Still, a great hack and an immense pleasure to play
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