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    Originally Posted by FireShock View Post
    It's coming along nicely. I've got all of the FireRed tiles back in to my hack along with some other ones. All I've got to do is remap everything. I'm about half way done with that. Then Beta Two should be ready for beta testing.
    Okay, cool.

    Originally Posted by Cryostylz View Post
    uhh don't mean to be complaining or anything, but I found it a bit easy - even through beating Chris took me some time, i beat him with only a medium team
    lvl 45 Charizard, lvl 6 Sandshrew, lvl 7 pikachu, lvl 13 nidoran, lvl 20 Onamyte (however you spell it) and a lvl 25 Scizor
    I was wondering if it could be made a little bit harder XP because its a great hack and with a great storyboard, it is just a bit easy. Though I love the idea of looking through a recycling bin to find items. Love the idea of Renon Underground though and the new ideas. Though I don't know if it is only me, but when I enter and exit Cerise Forest, the rain continues to fall until i get next to the pokemon center (it is a bit picky and i don't really mind rain for a few more tiles). And, is there a map? or did I forget to get it at the start ? Still, a great hack and an immense pleasure to play
    Try going through the game and raise an even team. No wonder its easy, you got a level 45 Charizard..
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