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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    I'm about how you feel and Crono will be added to the ineligible list. However, I think the accusations you're making are very bias and are completely untruthful. I think you should think about what you say before you make such terrible accusations. Accusing a whole community of just voting for their friends? That could be true that some people could be voting for their friends but it doesn't meant that they don't actually like the hacks they're voting for, now, does it?

    I'm also thinking on the lines that your thoughts are extremely hypocritical too. You're saying that people just vote for their friends? Yet you're the one who is trying to make mountains out of molehills about the fact that your friend didn't win the competition last year. Maybe, instead of moaning about it, you could have accepted the fact his hack wasn't good enough and just moved on with your life. Honestly, not winning a competition on a Pokémon forum isn't the end of the world.

    Nevertheless, your hack will be removed from the competition and all votes for Crono will be nullified. If you did vote for Crono in your posts then all of your other votes will count; however, if you're wanting to vote for a different hack in that section following its removal then you can do so by editing your posts.
    which friend?
    I've never spoken about a friend in my post. I have said that, I belive that the hack that has won in the 2009 didn't deserve to win.
    I've a lot of respect for you, but also if your name is Manipulation, this doesn't mean that you have the right to manipulate my discourses with things that I've not said.
    As a member of the staff, you should do more attention to what you say.

    Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post
    Aww, it's too bad Crono is being removed, I really liked that hack... Oh well, there are lots of other great hacks out there anyways.
    yeah, I'm sorry friend...but it's my decision

    Originally Posted by NiKaNoRoU View Post
    So, removing your hack from the eligible list is some kind of protestation? I don't really get you, but I'm sad.

    Imo, whoever voted for Chrono shouldn't remove that from their votes. Even if it became ineligible, it's not a member's fault for believing in it.
    If you want, you can intend my decision as a form of protest.
    I have simply decided to not participate in a contest that, about my opinion, it's incorrect.

    I would have some idea in mind to make this so important contest, more correct possible but every time that someone says something of "uncomfortable" and "unpleasant", he is immediately criticized.
    I am be liked to share my ideas, but it seems that I am not seen well in this forum.