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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    In the Hack of the Year results thread you referenced to your want for Wesley FG to win the competition. Can you please explain why it doesn't deserve to win?

    Thanks for the respect but I'm honestly not sure what my username has to do with the subject at hand. You're claiming I'm manipulating you? Can you please not put words in my mouth; I definitely did not try to manipulate you per sé and I think you should think before you speak.

    Can I please enquire what you mean by the last line of your post? I am not, in fact, a moderator here anymore so your comments are completely void as it is; however, you seem to be under the impression that a staff member cannot state their own opinion in a gentle manner? In no way was that post out of character and I would have said it whether I was on staff or not.

    I, for one, do not think I'm the one who should be watching what they're saying. And, as I previously stated, I think you're the one who's trying to make mountains out of molehills in this unnecessary situation.
    Well, fist of all, I'm sorry. I believed that you were a staff's member.
    Now, this is my post in the 2009 discussion.
    As you can see, I have never spoken of LP as best hack.
    I have said that Azure Horizons didn't deserve to win... not that LP was best.
    About LP, I've only said this...
    Originally Posted by Dante
    the results of the first round speak...the public prefers Light Platinum.
    And this, wasn't my opinion...but what the results said.

    So, now you ask me why Azure Horizons didn't deserve to win...
    I belive that, with a screenshot, will be too easy.

    how this is possible??! Why??
    It's very very strange!!

    I'll use Okutaku as example:
    Azure Horizons's graphical presentation: 9
    Light Platinum's graphical presentation: 6
    Now, I'm me that ask to you if you can explain me this.
    My question is..."It's possible that the tiles base of a rom, worth much more then tiles created by a hacker with waste of time and work?
    is it correct to ignore this whole job that ask a lot of time and devotion?
    And, stranger thing...
    Why this like to everybody, except the judges?

    Maybe it's this...?

    About the contrast between you and me...I'm sorry.
    We can keep on speaking about this if you want... but I believe that for PM it is better.
    I wouldn't create off topic.
    But I repeat that I appreciate a lot that you reply my messages.
    I'm sorry if I'm so aggressive with you, but you are the only one that taking the responsibility to answer me...and you are doing it in a very diplomatic way
    I hope that you will also answer this..thanks.