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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    Are you trying to accuse people of cheating? That's a very serious accusation and I'd retract that if I was you.
    WFT?? Why you don't answer my question?

    Originally Posted by altariaking View Post
    My post shouldn't have been deleted, because it was one hundred percent true. You are sad because a hack with super special awesome graphics did not win. Just remember; Story/scripting > graphics. You want fancy graphics and bad scripting? Go back to WAH.
    read read read and read before speack!
    I repeat because, in this way will be easier to understand aslo for you XDXD
    I have never said that Light Platinum deserves to win.
    I have asked if they have more value the tileses base already inserted in a hack or have more value the tiles drawn with devotion and hard job.
    Story/scripting don't make part of the questions that I have done...but if you would to speack about this, tell me..
    did the other hacks that have participated in the competition, have not these requisite?

    and...."go back to WAH" it's a threat?
    In this case it could be signalled to the

    Originally Posted by JakeyBoy View Post
    Funnier every time.

    From this image I can safely say that the judges and creator of Azure Horizons have better tastes than the others. Did you consider that they have the same tiles because the judges looked through tons of different tiles (or whatever it is you lot are arguing about) and they considered that set to be the best? It would explain the situation here, pretty easily.

    But then again, that doesn't change the fact that you guys are complaining about the opinions of a small number of people. You have to realise that this isn't the Nobel Prize or anything, and how little the HOTY title actually means.
    This is your opinion about your favourite hack. But the public voted otherwise last year.