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Originally Posted by ~NeOn~ View Post
I'll tell my opinion.
I will not say that the hack "Azure Horizons" did not deserve to win the contest. But I think he should not have more points in graphical presentation that the Light Platinum. Because all tiles the Azure Horizons is Fire Red tiles, and Light Platinum tiles 90% are the created by WesleyFG (and other 10% are from other tilers).
The only way to solve this problem of votes for friendship, it's doing the voting with entire community.
I'm not saying they voted for friendship, but it's not impossible, no?
If do vote with the entire community will be very difficult to have voting friendship.
Excuse me for my bad english.
I think Azure Horizons outclasses Light Platinum in terms of graphics actually. Light Platinum looks really cartoony, while Azure Horizons looks more professional, and makes the firered tiles a lot better.