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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    This Hack is looking good so far, but there's one thing that you have to do.
    And that is... change the ugly Ruby tiles. If you start a Ruby Hack, it's necessary to remove all existing Ruby tiles to either FR tiles or custom tiles.

    If you ask 10 people about the Ruby tiles, about 9 of them will say that they're ugly. So please, if you want your Hack to be better, then change the tiles.
    I don't love Ruby tiles, but I don't hate them. I personally believe they are equal to any other tiles, and I have no wish to remap the entire Hoenn region. Call me lazy, but that is how I feel, and I am very obstinate.

    Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
    Hey, guys. I've just gotten up to the Elite Four, and I managed to easily thrash all four (the lightning guy gave me some trouble, due to my lack of Ground moves), but the Champion is hard as... I need some more moves to help me. Hence, my question: Where do I find good TMs? Namely:

    Earthquake x2
    Sludge Bomb
    Ice Beam/Blizzard
    Fire BLast
    And if there are any Dark type TMs that are any good, that as well.
    Yeah... about that... Um, I forgot to put them in. But, now I've read this, I'm putting them in now! Really! I'll even give you their locations:

    Ice Beam - Lilycove Sewers
    Earthquake - Madio Caves
    Blizzard - Frigid Way (the unachievable item; I've fixed it so you can get it)
    Fire Blast - Hidden Item on Route 120

    Sludge Bomb is already there, in Dewford Hall. You need to have given the man the cologne to get to it.

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