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    Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
    Gah! How do I get the Earthquake TM in Madio Caves? I've been everywhere in it - in, out, saw the Filmmaker guy, the portal to Dewford's toilet, the warp to Petalburg, the unfinished part... WHERE IS IT.

    Also, it just came to my attention that you dont recieve a Map at all.

    In the Lilycove Sewers, the phone rings and he says "I have a mission for you". Is that a "I want to play a game" reference?

    Also, wheres the ship?
    EDIT: I meant that Earthquake is in the Madio caves in the version of Snakewood that's sitting in my computer, not being shared yet with the rest of the world. It isn't in yours yet.

    You don't receive a Map because:

    a) Anyone playing this ought to know their way around Hoenn, and

    b) As anyone who's looked at the 'area' part of the Pokédex will know, a great many maps aren't actually where the map says they are. For instance, the Island of Calm is actually the Team Aqua and Magma hideouts, merged and moved to Route 110, so it says you can get Ralts in Lilycove - patently impossible.

    The phone ringing in the sewers is just a reference to every single time that a ringing payphone has been used as a plot device. Seriously, it's extremely overused, especially in things like Grand Theft Auto or, actually, a very large number of books and films.

    Originally Posted by Grimfox View Post
    Oh my goodness, I love the Telefang reference. ; 3; I actually really enjoyed playing that game.

    Also, I'm disappointed that you didn't give the Maybe Witch a Psyduck or a Golduck.
    Perhaps I'm being dense, but why a Psyduck?

    I loved Keitai Denjuu Telefang too. That's why I took the trouble to update the sprites to make them fit properly into the Pokémon world.

    Originally Posted by DonMoosavi View Post
    Dear God this hack is amazing. Cutlerine you have taken hacking to the next level in producing something I thought I'd never see in a pokemon hack, that I always craved- a new experience. There were, of course, many other hacks that attempted originality and failed, or started well and collapsed. But you, sir, have created an original, hilarious, deep, entertaining, slightly challenging- in short- amazing - hack. Tremendously well done, and you've put forth a game (I shudder to call it a hack) that feels complete.

    You've shied away from the pokemon standards- ignored them even, in making this game. The dialogue and storyline were insanely awesome, as are the puzzles and the hilarious references. I don't want to ramble, but I really am enjoying this.

    It seems a bit of a shame that its escaped notice so far- but if its 80% complete can you request that it be placed in the hack showcase rather than progressing hacks? There are hacks in the showcase that are much less complete (and of less quality) there.

    I really think this matches or is superior to many of the hacks of the month as well as some of the hacks of the year- I hope your work is recognized by the top dogs sooner or later.

    Keep it up man.

    I also love the constant updates. However, my question is, how can I patch the IPS to ROM without losing my progress? Do I repatch the rom with the new one? Do I repatch a brand new rom and use the old save state? Or is there not away to do so...
    Just repatch your current ROM, it'll work fine. Mostly.

    And yes, I have indeed ignored all the standards, because that basically seems the best way to go forwards. Besides, craziness, and hence originality in procuring it, is something I consider myself quite good at. The essential premise of Snakewood is a serious, world-threatening situation taken so far that it's completely over-the-top and stupid, with not only zombies but ninjas, a secret meat-based mafia, fish-people and a route full of really stupid witches (not to mention an evil government organisation): in short, the hallmarks of a dozen moves rolled into one huge apocalyptic bundle.

    As for the references... They're just something I can't help putting in. Pretty much every major event is a reference to something - and most of the minor ones, too.

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