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    Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
    If I can change it, go with Scizor.
    Course you can

    Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
    By the way, Sammu, you need to fix the spoiler tags on Boomerjp's Platinum champion team.
    I noticed this earlier when I added Zeffy to the Challengers list - I tried changing it but it absolutely refuses to make it just one spoiler tag! I don't understand why, it's formatted in an identical fashion to all the other spoiler tags I've put in every other post I've ever done, but it splits it into two when I click "Post"! It's really annoying... Hopefully it'll change when someone else completes the Challenge on D/P/Pt...

    EDIT: Fixed it. I know what I did wrong now, I put part of the bold tag for the "DPPt" Heading in spoiler tags as well, and it confused the code.


    Update 4:

    - Cleared out the Olivine Lighthouse, and found Jasmine at the top
    - Surfed to Cianwood, picked up the SecretPotion and beat the snot out of Chuck using Girafarig's Psybeam
    - Surfed back to Olivine after picking up Fly - none of my Pokemon could learn it! Caught a Hoothoot for that purpose
    - Healed the Ampharos in the Lighthouse and got a call from Baoba - Safari Zone was open
    - Flew back to Cianwood and headed towards the Safari Zone to level up a bit before the Olivine Gym
    - Took on Jasmine. Croagunk took out Magnemite1, Pinsir took out Magnemite2, Omanyte destroyed Steelix with Surf (such an easy Gym)
    - Flew back to Ecruteak and headed East towards Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage!

    The Team:

    Croagunk, Male, Relaxed, Lv.33
    Rock Smash, Faint Attack, Focus Blast, Revenge
    Impressions: I've said it before and I'll probably say it again - his typing is awesome. He's edging closer and closer to levelling up and as soon as I get to Blackthorn he's forgetting Rock Smash, but what a great little Pokemon.

    Omanyte, Male, Mild, Lv.32
    Rollout, Mud Shot, Headbutt, Surf
    Impressions: he was a few levels behind the rest after Chuck's Gym, so I decided to train him up to take on Jasmine even though Croagunk could easily have handled Steelix with Focus Blast. Levelling him up was easy enough with his super-powered Surf though, and he keeps plugging away. Good and reliable.

    Misdreavus, Female, Docile, Lv.31
    Confuse Ray, Charge Beam, Headbutt, Psybeam
    Impressions: I officially love this Pokemon. Her Sp.Atk is immense, especially with Charge Beam (one of my absolute favourite moves since I taught it to my (shiny!) Uxie on my first Diamond run and he proceeded to pretty much destroy the whole Pokemon league at lv.50) and she just can't be stopped once she gets a head of steam. She's going to be frightening when she's a Mismagius... Only 6 levels to go! :D

    Girafarig, Female, Sassy, Lv. 31
    Reflect, Psybeam, Assurance, Strength
    Impressions: I still love Girafarig. She's probably still my best Pokemon at this point, levelling up nice and quickly and taking out enemies without breaking a sweat.

    Dragonair, Male, Adamant, Lv.33
    Thunder Wave, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Extremespeed
    Impressions: what a turnaround from this sleek destroyer. After a terrible start he's really grown into my number 1 powerhouse, and no foe has been able to cause him significant damage yet. His worst stat - currently Defence at 53 - is only 2 lower than Croagunk's BEST stat - his Atk/Sp.Atk are both 55! And Croagunk is awesome! I really wish Dragonair had a better evolution though, Dragonite looks daft. I might petition Gamefreak to design the first ever split-evolution-line for a pseudo-legendary. A Sp.Atk-based Dragonair evolution that actually looked cool like Dragonair would make me wet my pants.

    Pinsir, Male, Quiet, Lv.31
    Headbutt, Cut, Rock Tomb, Brick Break
    Impressions: he hits hard, he hits (surprisingly) fast. Still a one-trick pony, but no less effective for it.
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