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Originally Posted by SooperTrooper View Post
This has really been bugging me, and it shouldn't be a problem. Alright, so I'm new to hacking roms, and I went to go try out a script to see if I could do it. I made the script like this;

#dynamic 0x900000

#org @start
msgbox @hello 0x6

#org @hello
= Hello. This is a test.
Once I do that [I'm using XSE], I hit compile and it compiles just fine. I click close, and then save the rom. When I go play it, I approach the person and click 'A', but it just makes a noise and doesn't play the script. I'm very confused.
Okay, firstly, I'd use 0x800000 for my offset. Not that what you have is unsafe or anything, it's just that you're skipping quite a bit of free space there. Also, it'd probably be better to get rid of lock, faceplayer and release, and simply replace msgbox @hello 0x6 to msgbox @hello 0x2 for a plain NPC script.

Anyway, onto your problem. Are you sure you've pasted the offset you receive from XSE when you hit compile next to the @start box and pasted it into the Script Offset box when you select the person event, and saved afterwards?